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GreenTechnologies Awarded Competitive USDA SBIR Phase II Grant

Small Business Innovative Research Program Provides $649,875 in Funding for GreenTechnologies’ New Fertilizer Coating Technology

Florida, September 1, 2022– GreenTechnologies, LLC. is pleased to announce that its research and commercialization project for a new mineral layer coating technology for biobased fertilizers has been awarded a highly competitive Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase II Award of $649,875 from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). This award follows the USDA SBIR Phase I grant awarded to GreenTechnologies in 2021 of $99,780.

GreenTechnologies will develop pilot scale manufacturing capabilities to produce and commercialize its new product line, GreenEdge® RLC, to expand its existing markets which include lawn and landscape, professional turf, agriculture, greenhouse, and horticulture markets. This patented technology is different from conventional fertilizer coating methods because it uses an in-situ process which creates a reactive layer between the mineral coating and the organic base.

GreenEdge® RLC offers competitive advantages over existing technologies and products on the market which include conservation of nutrients and natural resources, reduced nutrient run-off, extended nutrient retention in soil for plant uptake, increased nutrient content of organic fertilizers, improved nutrient balance ratio of NPK, improved safety and handling characteristics, and customization of products to meet specific agronomic nutrient needs.

The ultimate goal of this innovative reactive layer coating technology is to develop and commercialize a revolutionary process that not only increases domestic production of fertilizers but also recycles renewable organic nutrients into a sustainable environmentally friendly slow-release fertilizer.

We are motivated by the vote of confidence from the USDA to develop the next generation of coated biobased enhanced-efficiency fertilizers. This innovative technology will provide a sustainable solution for the effective use of organic nutrients and recycle it into a valuable and environmentally sound fertilizer, exemplifying the values and principles of our company. Scientific research and innovation motivated by the philosophy of environmental sustainability is the foundation upon which GreenTechnologies was created.

Dr. Amir A. Varshovi, CEO and Founder of GreenTechnologies, LLC