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USDA Certified Biobased Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers

Grow Without Compromise

GreenEdge® is the company’s patented line of enhanced-efficiency fertilizer. Each GreenEdge® fertilizer recycles nutrients from local sources to create a high-quality and environmentally friendly fertilizer.


Slow Release Fertilizers with Organic Nitrogen

Our products are carefully crafted to promote nutrient recycling, ensuring both robust plant growth and a greener, healthier environment. Discover the future of responsible agriculture and horiculture today.

Environmentally Friendly

Our commitment to a cleaner planet

Nutrient Recycling

Maximizing nature's efficiency

Our Products

Find GreenEdge® In Stores

Our company sales representatives and distribution partners are fully dedicated to serving commercial customers. Residential customers can buy GreenEdge products through online retailers, like and, as well as Ace Hardware stores in central and northeast Florida.


Go green with GreenEdge®

GreenEdge® Fertilizers

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Slow-Release Fertilizers with Organic Nitrogen

Complete Nutrition

GreenEdge provides perfectly balanced nutrition for healthy growth, strong roots and vibrant color, including Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and essential micronutrients.

Won’t Burn Your Grass

Organic, slow-release nitrogen means you can’t over fertilize and “burn” your grass. Our fertilizer promotes a lush, green lawn without the worry of unsightly burn spots.

Dual-Release Mechanisms

GreenEdge releases nutrients through hydrolysis (initial-release) and microbial degradation (slow-release), so you see results in as little as 3 days, with continued treatment for up to 14 weeks.

Superior Nutrient Release

GreenEdge is specially formulated to break down completely, releasing 100% of the nutrients it contains so you can use less fertilizer with better results.

Works in Any Climate

The dual-release mechanisms also allow GreenEdge to provide nutrition regardless of temperature or moisture, so you can use it year round.

Grow with Less Water

Granules hold 10x their weight in water. By providing this additional water efficiency, it takes less water to grow your plants, ultimately conserving this precious resource.


Making an impact on local communities

GreenEdge® is the company’s patented line of enhanced-efficiency fertilizer. Each GreenEdge® fertilizer recycles nutrients from local sources to create a high-quality and environmentally friendly fertilizer.

GreenTechnologies’ primary objective is to provide a sustainable alternative to quick-release and chemical-based fertilizers.

Our products are USDA Certified Biobased.

GreenEdge® Products

Usage Guides & Spec Sheets

Our organically-based fertilizer granules are practical and cost-effective products for year-round golf course maintenance and commercial landscaping needs.

The slow-release nitrogen products are available in a variety of formulations to fit your usage and application needs.

GreenEdge 6-2-0 Plus 
GreenEdge 6-3-0 +2%Ca 
GreenEdge 6-3-2 Plus 
GreenEdge 8-2-0 Plus 
GreenEdge 8-2-1 Plus 
GreenEdge 8-3-0 XTRA 

GreenEdge 6-2-6 Plus
GreenEdge 6-2-12 XTRA
GreenEdge 7-1-21 Plus
GreenEdge 7-7-7 Plus
GreenEdge 12-1-4 Plus
GreenEdge 12-2-0 Plus
GreenEdge 12-2-8 Plus
GreenEdge 14-2-7 +1%Mag
GreenEdge 15-1-7 Plus
GreenEdge 15-2-3 Plus
GreenEdge 16-0-4 Plus
GreenEdge 16-0-8 Plus
GreenEdge 16-2-8 Plus

GreenEdge 6-2-0 Plus
GreenEdge 6-3-0 +2%Ca
GreenEdge 6-3-2 Plus
GreenEdge 8-2-0 Plus
GreenEdge 8-2-1 Plus
GreenEdge 8-3-0 XTRA

GreenEdge 6-2-6 Plus
GreenEdge 6-2-12 XTRA
GreenEdge 14-2-7 +1%Mag

GreenEdge 0-0-7
GreenEdge 8-0-0 +10%Ca
GreenEdge 12-4-8 Plus
GreenEdge 15-0-0 +2%Fe
GreenEdge BioActivator

News & Information

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