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GreenEdge Professional Landscaping

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GreenEdge® commercial formulations benefit businesses and landscaping companies in many ways:

  • Variety of formulations to fit your usage and application needs
  • Dual-release mechanisms: releases nutrients through hydrolysis and microbial action
  • Efficient nutrient release (complete mineralization) means you use less fertilizer
  • Holds in moisture so you use less water
  • Replenishes the soil with essential nutrients
  • Enhances root growth and nutrient absorption
  • Improves resistance to environmental stress
  • Does not burn or cause harm to plants
  • Prevents leeching and run-off, which positively impacts the environment

And with small, easy-to-spread granules, GreenEdge® distributes easily and won’t interfere with any landscape areas.

GreenEdge® fertilizers are available in 50 lb. commercial bags, or in 1000 lb. or 2000 lb. “supersacks” for large-scale applications.

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