Nutrient Recycling


What is Nutrient Recycling?

Nutrient cycles are a basic part of nature. Nutrients constantly move from the environment to living organisms and back. Unfortunately, urban expansion has thrown many of these cycles far out of balance. Nutrient runoff and leaching can impact water bodies and soil quality around our communities.

Building on the same basic principles of the natural nutrient cycle, we can use these nutrient-rich by-products of our communities to create beneficial, organic fertilizers for lawns, gardens and commercial applications.

Our patented nutrient recycling process transforms Class A biosolids from water reclamation facilities into a powerful and effective fertilizer to safely and efficiently return valuable nutrients to our soil. Our patented slow-release fertilizers are specially formulated to eliminate the nutrient leaching and runoff that makes many synthetic fertilizers so damaging to the environment.

Advanced nutrient recycling helps more than just the environment—it also helps communities become more resource efficient and reduce spending, water usage and landfill space.

As our company continues to grow, we’re seeking new partnerships with communities and government organizations throughout the country. .

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