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Meet Our Team

Tess Hutchins

Business Development


Tess Hutchins is a double graduate from the University of Florida with both a bachelors and master’s in accounting. After college, she spent time traveling, passing her CPA exams, and working in public accounting as a tax consultant with Deloitte in Seattle, WA.

Though her specialty is accounting, her real interest lies in entrepreneurship, business development, and agricultural technology. At GreenTechnologies, Tess is responsible for internal and external business development activities, including grant applications, public relations, financial analysis, pro forma development, market research, and media management. She enjoys problem solving and exploring new business opportunities.

Outside of her professional life, Tess considers herself a lifelong learner. She often enjoys scouting out books on new subjects or spending time online researching new topics. She aspires to one day have her own garden complete with vegetables, herbs, flowers, honey bees, and maybe even some chickens.


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