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GreenTechnologies, LLC. Recieves SBIR Phase I Award from EPA

GreenTechnologies’ Innovative Research Project to Reduce Water Pollution Receives Funding From EPA SBIR Program

Gainesville, Florida, September 3, 2015– GreenTechnologies, LLC. is pleased to announce that its research and technology development project for a sustainable nutrient removal, recovery and conversion system has been awarded a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I Award from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As one of only 19 companies among the 149 applicants nationwide to receive this prestigious award, GreenTechnologies will obtain a SBIR Phase I contract for up to $100,000 to develop the company’s groundbreaking phosphorous removal technology. The company will have the opportunity to apply for a Phase II contract of up to $300,000 to further develop and commercialize their technology for the marketplace when the project is commercially viable. Phosphorus pollution in lakes, rivers, and other aquatic environments, represents one of it not the most perilous and costly environmental challenges in the world today. Phosphate runoff and leaching stimulates algae growth in water bodies leading to lower oxygen levels and culminating in eutrophication. However, phosphorous is also a precious and increasingly scarce natural non-renewable resource that plays an integral role in food production. Developing and commercializing revolutionary phosphorus removal technology that not only removes phosphorous from impaired water bodies but also recycles those recovered nutrients to produce environmentally friendly slow-release fertilizer is the ultimate goal of this innovative research project that GreenTechnologies is conducting. Scientific research and innovation motivated by the philosophy of environmental sustainability is the foundation upon which GreenTechnologies was founded and will always represent the company’s core values.


“This innovative technology will provide a sustainable solution for the recovery and recycling of phosphorus from a water pollutant into a valuable and environmentally friendly commodity, perfectly exemplifying the values and principles of our company”                                                                                              

Amir Varshovi CEO and Founder of GreenTechnologies, LLC.