June 18, 2014– Welcome to the new website for GreenTechnologies, the manufacturer of GreenEdge advanced slow-release fertilizers. We are delighted to inform our customers, colleagues, stakeholders, and the general public that Amir Varshovi CEO of GreenTechnologies has received the SBA award for the state of Florida’s small business person of the year. Dr. Varshovi has steadfastly guided our organization to the pinnacle of success. However, the support of our customers, commitment of our employees, and assistance from our business partners have always been and will always be invaluable resources in the absence of which our success would not be possible. Dr. Varshovi and the other amazing and hardworking personnel at GreenTechnologies are honored to receive such a prestigious award.

We would also like to celebrate and welcome the addition of our new Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel Marla K. Buchanan. One of the original founding partners of GreenTechnologies, Marla Buchanan has played an instrumental role in our organization’s success and growth throughout the company’s existence. Through her new expanded role Mrs. Buchanan will continue to sustain and improve upon the efficient and effective operations of GreenTechnologies while also identifying, planning, and implementing large-scale projects for the organization’s long-term strategy and growth.

Our organization is incredibly proud of our past performance, and is highly optimistic about the prospects for future growth and expansion. Developing patented technologies to extract and recycle nutrients from the water treatment process, GreenTechnologies has created a sustainable and cost effective method to manufacture fertilizer. GreenTechnologies’ line of GreenEdge fertilizers are slow release products with an organic nitrogen base making them an effective and environmentally friendly solution to the turf, ornamental, and agricultural needs of commercial and retail customers. The superior composition and nutrient release mechanism for GreenEdge products results in less water usage and increased moisture retention. Building on its record of innovation and growth, GreenTechnlonogies eagerly looks forward to the future. GreenTechnologies passionately believes in working towards a prosperous and sustainable future. In accordance with that belief, we are resolutely working towards greater achievements and recognition stemming from the discovery and development of innovative technologies that provide both economic, social, and environmental value.

“GreenTechnologies started small, but we have been emboldened and invigorated by our past achievements. We are looking ahead to a future where our organization achieves heightened success and continues to promote sustainability through the manufacture and sale of renewable, environmentally friendly products that are effective in terms of both performance and cost,” Amir Varshovi CEO.

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