Tips for Summertime Fertilization in Florida


Fertilizing in the summertime can be tricky, especially with the unpredictable weather we experience in Florida. But there are ways you can ensure your turf is being fed during the growing season that also keep our environment healthy.

1. Don’t fertilize when heavy rain or tropical storms are expected in 24-36 hours. This can help to minimize run-off from rain water.

2. Use a slow-release fertilizer, such as GreenEdge. Using a slow release fertilizer helps prevent leaching and run-off that can be experienced with soluble products. This also ensures you minimize wasted nutrients.

3. Be sure to calculate the right amount of product for your yard/turf and only use what is needed to cover the area. It is recommended you do not exceed more than 1 lb per acre of Nitrogen per 1000 sq ft per application.

4. Use deflector shields near side walks, water bodies and driveways. And make sure to only clean your spreader over your yard.

For more great tips on fertilization, please see the South Florida Water Management District’s tips on Florida Friendly yards.